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Thema: bei der phpBB3.3 mail senden mittels der nativen php mail() function oder mit SMTP

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    bei der phpBB3.3 mail senden mittels der nativen php mail() function oder mit SMTP

    hallo und guten Abend,

    - nach längerem P'Überlegen hier rein - denn es ist ein Linux-(mit OpenSuse) Server. So gesehen passts hier also m.E. am besten.

    was muss man alles machen wenn man in phpBB3.3 mail mit nativen php mail() function betreiben will.
    Also mit den Bordmitteln u. nicht mit dem SMTP server von Google oder Whatever!?
    Welche Testmöglichkeinten gibt es hier - um das native php mail () zu testen!?

    Im Grunde geht es ohne SMTP Server eigentlich nicht. Wie man das dreht - dieser SMTP - der ist so oder so Voraussetzung. Die mail() Funktion ist eigentlich relativ unpraktisch, weil sie keine Autorisierung beherrscht und SMTP ohne Autorisierung ist sehr sehr selten geworden (früher - also vor einigen Jahren waren die großen SMTP Server eher "frei", also ohne Autorisierung betreib benutz und verfügbar). Das waren noch andere Zeiten: Aber man muss entweder in der php.ini einen SMTP Server angeben also den Pfad zur Systemfunktion "mail" (bzw. "sendmail"), aber die ist typischerweise unter Linux Teil des Betriebssystem (und geht last not least aber auch über einen lokalen SMTP Server, der entsprechend konfiguriert sein muss).

    Ich werde das mit SMTP Servern von Google machen:

    How to setup Gmail in phpBB 3.2.x in 2019?

    1) Make sure your Gmail account (Google Apps account) is working properly.

    Sample below:
    Gmail account:
    Gmail password: 123456

    You can sign in your Gmail from the browser, Chrome or Firefox, etc.

    2) Enable POP
    Forwarding and POP / IMAP. Under POP Download, click either Enable POP for all Mail, or Enable POP for Mail that Arrives Now (which ever suits your purpose). Configure anything else that appeals to you too. Exit from the Gmail Settings Window after saving your selections (this is important).

    3) Settings in phpBB 3.2.x
    Login the phpBB administrator panel.
    Goto General Admin > Configuration > Email Settings
    SMTP Server Address:tls://
    SMTP Ports: 465
    Authentication method for SMTP: PLAIN
    SMTP Username:
    SMTP Password: 123456

    das werde ich machen - denk dass das smtp passwd jenes ist - welches ich für die E-mail bei gmail selber verwende

    hier ein Guide zu den Einstellungen:

    phpBB3 is capable of sending out emails to your users. Here, you can configure the information that is used when your board sends out these emails. phpBB3 can send out emails by using either the native, PHP-based email service, or a specified SMTP server. If you are not sure if you have an SMTP server available, use the native email service. You will have to ask your hoster for further details. Once you are done configuring the email settings, click SUBMIT.
    Note. Please ensure the email address you specify is valid, as any bounced or undeliverable messages will likely be sent to that address.

    General Settings

    ENABLE BOARD-WIDE EMAILS: If this is set to disabled, no emails will be sent by the board at all.
    USERS SEND EMAIL VIA BOARD:: If this is set to enabled, a form allowing users to send emails to each other via the board will be displayed, rather than an email address.
    EMAIL FUNCTION NAME: If you are using the native, PHP-based email service, this should be the name of the email function. This is most likely going to be "mail".
    EMAIL PACKAGE SIZE: This is the number of emails that can be sent in one package. This is useful for when you want to send mass emails, and you have a large amount of users.
    CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: This is the address that your board's email feedback will be sent to. This is also the address that will populate the "From" and "Reply-to" addresses in all emails sent by your board.
    RETURN EMAIL ADDRESS: This is the return address that will be put on all emails as the technical contact email address. It will always populate the "Return-Path" and "Sender" addresses in all emails sent by your board.
    EMAIL SIGNATURE: This text will be attached at the end of all emails sent by your board.
    HIDE EMAIL ADDRESSES: If you want to keep email addresses completely private, set this value to YES.

    SMTP Settings
    USE SMTP SERVER FOR EMAIL: Select YES if you want your board to send emails via an SMTP server. If you are not sure that you have an SMTP server available for use, set this to NO; this will make your board use the native, PHP-based email service, which in most cases is the safest available option.
    SMTP SERVER ADDRESS: The address of the SMTP server.
    SMTP SERVER PORT: The port that the SMTP server is located on. In most cases, SMTP servers are located on port 25; do not change this value if you are unsure about this.
    AUTHENTICATION METHOD FOR SMTP: This is the authentication method that your board will use when connecting to the specified SMTP server. This only applies if an SMTP username and password are set, and required by the server. The available methods are PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, and POP-BEFORE-SMTP. If you are unsure about which authentication method you must use, ask your hoster for more information.
    SMTP USERNAME: The username that phpBB will use when connecting to the specified SMTP server. You should only fill this in if the SMTP server requires it.
    SMTP PASSWORD: The password for the above specified username that phpBB will use when connecting to the specified SMTP server. You should only fill this in if the SMTP server requires it.

    the Mail-Tester:

    Mail Tester
    Authentication and Configuration eMail Tester
    If your email is not configured correctly:
    Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc might be sending it to spam
    It's likely some of your customers don't even receive your emails
    Highly possibile you will be listed on different blacklists
    You will be losing sales and customers
    Customers will get angry from not getting information from you
    Your IT costs will increase to clean your IP's and reputation

    All you have to do is send an email to "" and it will autorespond within minutes with a complete email analysis.
    Note: If "" does not auto respond within 5 minutes, you might be on our internal blacklist. If you find your email addresses listed, simply remove yourself and repeat the test. If you still don't get a response, please contact us using the button on the top of the website. All of our mail tests performed are based on email (RFC Standards), Security Standards, and Postmaster guidelines from large ESP (Email Service Providers).For a step by step guide to the different sections of the Mail Tester Pro Report. Please read our Mail Tester Guide starting with Email Headers. The Mail Tester Pro Report

    the test-things

    Publication: RFC 822
    Header Information

    Publication: RFC 5322
    Header Counts
    MX Records
    rDNS PTR Records
    Last Sending Domain Name - A Record Test
    Mail Flow
    Client EHLO Split IP Test
    ISIPP Email Certification and Accreditation
    MIME-Version - Syntax Check - RFC2045 - Message Header
    Email Port Checks for:

    Fragt sich - welches das Passwd für den SMTP auf Gmail ist... !?
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